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Cosby 'not in LA' on sex claim day

Bill Cosby's lawyer has said the veteran comedian was not at the Playboy Mansion on the night a model accused him of drugging and sexually abusing her.

Cosby was in fact in New York on the night Chloe Goins claims he drugged and molested her in a bedroom of the mansion, lawyer Martin Singer said in a statement.

Mr Singer said he would present evidence to authorities detailing Cosby's whereabouts before, during and after the Playboy Mansion event.

"Mr Cosby was in New York on that date," he said. "We will be providing documentary evidence to the appropriate authorities which conclusively establishes Mr Cosby's whereabouts on August 9th and for the preceding and succeeding days."

Ms Goins' lawyer, Spencer Kuvin, said of Mr Singer's statement: "We look forward to seeing this alleged proof."

While many of the abuse claims levelled against Cosby, 77, fall outside civil and criminal statutes of limitations, Ms Goins' allegations may fall within the time period that Cosby could be charged.

Ms Goins spoke to Los Angeles detectives on Wednesday.

More than 15 women have accused Cosby of drugging and sexually abusing them, which has led to the cancellation of the comedian's projects at NBC and Netflix. He continues to perform stand-up comedy shows.

Mr Kuvin said the alleged abuse occurred during an event called Midsummer's Night Dream Party on August 9 2008, at Hugh Hefner's mansion near Beverly Hills.

Ms Goins says she does not know what happened while she was unconscious, but Mr Kuvin has said she awoke to find herself naked and Cosby over her.

Los Angeles prosecutors will make the final determination on whether Cosby will face criminal charges based on Ms Goins' accusations.

Mr Singer has denied some, but not all of the allegations against Cosby and the comedian joked about the scandal at a recent show in Canada.

NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt has closed the door on the network collaborating with Cosby on any future projects, noting the number of accusers who have come forward.

Although none of the accusations against Cosby has been proven in court, Mr Greenblatt said "when that many people come out and have such similar complaints, it became a tainted situation", and the network did not want to proceed with a new sitcom featuring the comedian.

About two dozen protesters rallied outside Cosby's show in Pueblo, Colorado, but the comedian's performance went off without a hitch.

The demonstrators chanted "No means no" and "Colorado believes the women", The Pueblo Chieftain said

Cosby is due to perform at two Saturday shows in Denver, where protesters are expected to gather.

Cosby released a statement on Thursday thanking his "courageous" fans and saying he was ready to perform.

He finished his statement with references to his Fat Albert character's trademark line and to his 2013 television special - "Hey, Hey, Hey - I'm Far From Finished".


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