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Court order against Brand masseuse

A High Court judge has ordered a Hungarian-born masseuse not to harass comedian Russell Brand and his partner Jemima Khan.

Szilvia Berki, 31, had claimed that she was treated "like a prostitute" after Khan arranged for her to give Brand a massage as a birthday present in June.

The couple took legal action and Mrs Justice Carr made an "anti-harassment" order.

Another judge had made an similar order on an "urgent basis" in August.

Mrs Justice Carr, who analysed the case at a High Court hearing in London, today said that injunction would continue pending any trial or further order.

Lawyers representing Brand and Khan had told the court that an assault claim made by Berki, who is also known as "Sylvie", had been investigated and police had concluded that there was no case to answer.

Mrs Justice Carr said, in a written ruling, that Berki had "held herself out as a professional. qualified masseuse".

The judge said Khan had arranged a professional massage from Berki as a birthday present from Brand. They had met at Khan's home - near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire - on June 7.

"There is a dispute as to what happened at the meeting," she said.

"(Brand and Khan) say (Brand) was uneasy with (Berki) and did not wish to proceed with the massage.

"The position was uncomfortable but not unfriendly.

"(Berki) on the other hand alleges that she was the victim of wrongful and criminal conduct.

"(Brand and Khan) deny any such conduct.

"(Berki's) services as a masseuse were not in the event taken up. She was driven home and paid the agreed fee by (Brand and Khan).

"Their case is that she has unlawfully harassed them."

Mrs Justice Carr said Berki had told police that Brand had assaulted her. She said police had told Brand and Khan that there was no case to answer - and said the investigation was closed.

The judge said Berki had subsequently contacted newspapers and tried to contact an MP and Prime Minister David Cameron.

She said Brand and Khan had taken legal action claiming that Berki's "activities" had caused them "considerable" distress.

Mrs Justice Carr described Brand as a "well-known comedian and actor" and said Khan was a journalist and Unicef ambassador.

Neither Khan nor Brand was at today's hearing.

Berki was in court.


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