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Cowell 'not sure' if he's engaged

Simon Cowell has sparked more speculation about his relationship with make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy - by saying he's "not sure" if he's still engaged.

The star was speaking to US shock jock Howard Stern on the radio when he was quizzed about his love life.

When asked if he was engaged, the 51-year-old TV guru reportedly said he was "not sure".

The DJ asked him: "Why is the question 'are you engaged?' so painful to you?"

He said to the music mogul: "You seem embarrassed by the women you date, and I'll tell you why, they are lovely women, but yet you won't talk about about them. I'm a married man ... and if someone asks me a question about her I am proud to answer them, proud to admit I have a relationship with her."

Simon, who has been with Mezhgan for almost two years, replied: "If we were having this conversation off the radio I could have a normal conversation with you."

According to reports, Simon also told the show that he still loved his ex Terri Seymour, revealed that he had once had a threesome, and said he had a "bizarre kind of blind date" with a heavily pregnant Denise Richards.

But Denise, Charlie Sheen's ex, tweeted: "I was at a group dinner 8 months pregnant not sure how that's considered a date, news to me! if I was being set up I didn't know it!"

She added: "I wish I knew that it was a date!!! He's a hot piece of a**!"

A spokeswoman for Simon told The Sun: "Simon was just making it clear that he doesn't discuss his relationships."


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