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Cowell seeks talent in Afghanistan

Simon Cowell is straying into new territory with the Got Talent franchise heading to Afghanistan.

The mastermind behind Britain's Got Talent will be bringing the variety show to the war-torn country this year, according to The Sun.

Afghanistan's Got Talent is reportedly beginning auditions in the coming months with a view to launching the show in autumn.

The judging panel and host would be Afghan celebrities, with a line up yet to be announced.

A source said: "Simon has always believed Got Talent can work anywhere, because - no matter where you are - people have amazing talents.

"There may be a war raging in Afghanistan, but people are still living their lives and they enjoy watching TV just like anyone else."

There is also talk of British troops stationed in the country being allowed to audition for the show.

The source said: "Rules are being drawn up but there is a possibility troops will be allowed to enter - assuming they can get permission."

Afghanistan's Got Talent would be shown on 1TV, recognised as a progressive channel for broadcasting entertainment programmes that feature women.

It would be the 58th country to sign up to the hit show, with others including Brazil, Ukraine, South Korea and Kazakhstan.


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