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Creators: Beckham's too handsome!

David Beckham may have been a pleasure to work with, but Phineas And Ferb creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh never want to have their photo taken with him again - because he's too handsome.

The two creators of the award-winning cartoon got to meet the England footballer in the flesh when he appeared on the TV show.

"David Beckham was really nice and he did a great job. But I never want to have my photo taken with David Beckham ever again," joked Dan.

"His attractiveness sucks all the other attractiveness in the room, and you end up looking like Igor!"

Swampy added: "If you're a guy, it does nothing for your perception of your appearance. He is staggeringly good-looking."

With celebrities like Ben Stiller, David Mitchell and Jamie Oliver clamouring to feature on the show, the creators' favourite guest so far was former Guns 'N Roses' guitarist Slash.

"We found out Slash is a huge fan of the show and he wanted to write a song together. That was a really pleasant surprise and a great experience all around," recalled Dan.

Swampy added: "We thought at first they were talking about a different Slash, but there is only one Slash. We got to write a song with Slash - that's pretty amazing."

Swampy hopes to get more British stars onto the show, which stars English actor Thomas Sangster as the voice of Ferb: "I would like to get a lot of the Blackadder cast - and Helen Mirren."

:: October is Ferbtober on the Disney XD channel, with the premiere of Phineas And Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension and the new series of Phineas And Ferb.


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