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Criss hopeful for Glee romance

Darren Criss hopes the romance between Glee couple Blaine and Kurt will continue.

But the actor, who plays gay student Blaine, hinted that there may not be a fairytale ending for the characters.

"I think as of now it is quite happily ever. I don't know about ever after but happily ever right now - it's definitely the honeymoon phase," he said.

In the first episode of the third series, Blaine left Dalton Academy to join Kurt (Chris Colfer) at McKinley High.

"[Co-creator] Ryan Murphy said he wanted to make their relationship as flawed and as delicate as any relationship is and should be, and I hope they continue with that. I hope they continue to learn from each other, I hope they laugh together, cry together and love together," he added.

"The cool thing about that relationship is that yes, it is a gay teen relationship, but it is a rather ordinary relationship of two people. So yes, I hope that can just continue in a very normal way."

But Darren reckons the show's other relationships should also get some screen time.

"I think it's time to focus on other people, other relationships. The show is about 14 to 15 students with very interesting stories and there's a lot of potential," he said.

"As a fan I want to see that, I want to hear about that."

:: Glee continues on Sky1 on Thursdays.


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