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Criss relieved there's no secrets


Darren Criss says he's got nothing to hide

Darren Criss says he's got nothing to hide

Darren Criss says he's got nothing to hide

Darren Criss says he's relieved he didn't do anything scandalous like record a sex tape before appearing on Glee.

The 24-year-old actor, who plays Kurt's love interest Blaine in the E4 show, said he's had quite a lot more attention since appearing in the show, so he's happy not to have any hidden secrets.

He said: "If [I get recognised] I'm happy to address it, because I consider myself very fortunate. You know, at least I didn't release a... sex tape, or I haven't done anything illicitly terrible where you know, I'm sort of cowering in shame. [Glee's] something that I'm really proud of and I should be so lucky and if someone wants to talk to me about it, hell yeah."

Darren added, however, that he didn't feel the impact of the show immediately.

He said: "I don't watch a lot of TV. I'm really busy so I wasn't really feeling it. I was living in my little apartment. It was really dirty.

"Nothing really manifested itself in an immediate way. I still had laundry to do, bills to pay... Any successes it may have garnered it didn't hit me at all so it was this very intangible thing. People were like, 'It's doing really well and I was like, 'OK, great'."

And the actor said he's put his prior plans to release a solo album on hold for now.

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He said: "My EP Human started doing really well (it charted on Billboard) and that was gonna be my life... Glee has both empowered and complicated that whole process. Whatever album I was about to put out got put aside for a little bit... It'll happen eventually."

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