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CSI's Helgenberger's stage dreams

Marg Helgenberger has confessed she would like to tread the boards.

Now that the US actress is about to hang up her lab coat in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, she is eyeing up a move into theatre.

"I would love to do a play. It's been far too many years," she said.

"I'm not going to reveal how long it's been, but I would love to go to London. It would be very exciting, as well as other cities, New York, or here. I'm not opposed to doing a play in Los Angeles."

Marg, who has appeared in Erin Brockovich, is also keen to appear on the big screen again, following her roles in 2007's Mr Brooks alongside Kevin Costner and Demi Moore.

"I would like to do more films. I think the last one I did was Mr Brooks, which was a few years ago," she recalled.

"I did one with Val Kilmer (Columbus Day) but that didn't go anywhere unfortunately. I'm not opposed to doing another television series. I just need a break from it right now."

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