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Cynthia Erivo blasts back at Grammy dress trolls

British actress Cynthia Erivo has hit back at online critics who said she was "too masculine", "too dark" and "too ugly" for a dress she wore at a Grammys party in the US.

Erivo, a star of musical theatre who is due to play a leading role in Steve McQueen's upcoming film Widows, issued the response on her Facebook page, saying: "Whether you like it or not I felt like a queen."

The London-born performer, who won a best actress Tony last year for her role in the Broadway and London productions of the Color Purple, had been photographed in a sleeveless dress at Clive Davis' Pre Grammy Party in Beverly Hills.

She claims she was the subject of a string of negative comments, but insisted she would not be fazed by them.

In the post, she wrote: "Yesterday I wore this to the Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party. I felt like a princess in it, it was fun and light and comfortable.

"I then discovered or was tagged in a couple blogs, the blogs are not the issue, the saddest thing is to see how quickly people had decided that I was 'too masculine' for this dress, 'too short' this dress, 'too dark' for this dress, 'too ugly' for this dress, that I had 'the wrong hair' for this dress, 'the wrong underwear' for this dress, that I was 'ewwww'.

"It is astonishing how quickly people are able to cut someone down without even knowing them.

"Whether you like it or not I felt like a queen and as I type this I can say that this 'ugly, eww, masculine, short, dark, short haired' girl is a Tony and Grammy award winner.

"I think I'll be OK. Pretty fades eventually. Happy Grammy Day all xx."