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Dad explains Tele ad to find daughter love saying he doesn't want playboy or 'boring fart'

Dad hoping for wedding bells to stop daughter jetting off for new life.
Dad hoping for wedding bells to stop daughter jetting off for new life.
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

A Northern Ireland man who posted a classified advert to look for a husband for his daughter has said she would "go bananas" if she found out what he had done.

The advert, in Thursday's Belfast Telegraph, is written by the anonymous father of a woman in her 20s who is going abroad to live.

The worried dad is fearful that his daughter, who he describes as being "6ft tall and gorgeous", will meet a man while abroad and will never come home.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the father said: "My daughter is not aware that I placed this advert.

"I am just hoping that some nice young man comes along that I could introduce her to without having to disclose that I have been advertising for a young man.

"I have done this with one of my other daughters before and it worked out very well, she doesn't know what I had done with him.

"From the previous experience, I introduced her to a nice chap and they got on very well. They didn't get married or anything but she was in the same mind going some distance away and I would just be frightened that she would not come back again."

The anxious dad said his daughter is planning to move "a fair distance away" and that he hopes to be able to keep her at home as he wants to spend more time with her during the twilight of his life.

However, he admitted his daughter would not be happy if she found out about the advert.

He said: "She would go bananas if she knew that I was doing it at the minute but if I could maybe get some somebody to pretend they were just acquaintances of mine and introduce them if I think they are the right sort of material, then maybe after she gets to know the person we could disclose it to her at a later stage how it came about." 

The ad
The ad

He said he did not want her daughter to meet a "playboy" but someone that was ready to settle down.

"I want someone who is not playing the field, a settled nature. I don't want a playboy, I know what a playboy is because I used to be one myself.

"I don't want a boring fart of a person, she needs someone who will challenge her and won't sit in the corner and nod his head like a Churchill. Someone with a bit of sparkle."

He added: "I am walking a fine line. I am taking this risk of putting this advert in and I am hoping nobody finds out that I have done this until I introduce her to someone.

"She could well say 'go to pot dad, I am going anyway'. But if she meets someone here and still goes, it would be nice to have someone here for someone to come back to."

The advert reads: "I'm a dad looking perhaps for a potential son-in-law for my wonderful daughter, she is about to leave Northern Ireland.

"The best wee country in the world and I fear that if she meets some nice man abroad we may never see her again."

"She is the youngest of a house that was full of girls. In her early 20s, loves her mum and dad, nothing she has ever been asked to do has been beyond her. She went to the top university, came home with top honours and went straight to work.

"She is 6ft tall, gorgeous and can hold a conversation in any company. Who would her daddy like her to meet?

"A kind, ambitious, hard working, Northern Irish man who hopefully has sown his wild oats. If your interested in finding out more call her friendly dad."

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