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Dad's 'forgot son's birthday' prank will leave you in tears

By Meadhbh McGrath

All this little boy, nicknamed 'Boom' from Philadelphia, wanted for his birthday was a new baseball bat.

Boom was crushed when his father apparently forgot his birthday, leaving him empty handed on his way to a baseball game – but all was not as it seemed.

In video above of his father’s adorable prank has gone viral, which shows the boy looking visibly upset as he gets in the car, barely willing to speak to his father.

As his dad asks “What’s wrong?” he hides his face from the camera and mumbles in response.

It all changes when his dad asks him to get a bag out of the boot of the car. He follows him around with the camera, and captures the heart-rending moment when he realises his dad has come through after all.

In the boot, he finds a cardboard box holding the neon green baseball bat he had dreamed of, and his face lights up.

After a couple of seconds, the boy is so overwhelmed that he bursts into tears, while his dad’s voice cracks as he says, “You’re about to make me cry!”

The pair embrace for a huge hug before his dad tells him to pose with the bat and get ready to break it in at his big game.

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