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Daly and Winkleman's fast food feast before Strictly red carpet launch

Tess Daly has revealed she shared a McDonald's meal with Claudia Winkleman the night before the Strictly Come Dancing red carpet launch.

The co-hosts have been feasting on comfort food in the run-up to the show's return: last week Daly tweeted a picture of the brownies Claudia had baked and brought to rehearsals for the BBC show - though there weren't many left.

In a post on her blog, Daly joked about the moment during the recording for the show's opening number when she was lifted in the air by the professional dancers: "I'm sure their knees must've buckled, what with me being approximately twice the weight of your average dancer that they're used to lifting... especially after sharing a drive-through McDonald's with Claudia the night before!"

Daly also wrote about the high standard among this year's crop of celebrity contestants, admitting: "T his has never happened before in 11 years of doing the show - I actually mistook a couple of the celebs for professional dancers whilst watching them rehearse."

Hailing the " great mixture of personalities; the bold, the bling and the beautiful", she revealed: "Unusually, the men seem a lot more nervous than the ladies this time around."

:: Strictly Come Dancing will air on BBC One on Saturday at 7.15pm.


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