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Damian Lewis wants Mad Men job

Damian Lewis has revealed there's one man on television he would gladly swap places with - Jon Hamm.

The British actor, who stars in US TV series Homeland, would love the opportunity to play womanising ad boss Don Draper in award-winning show Mad Men, which is currently portrayed by the Golden Globe-winning actor.

"I wish I had got the Don Draper role. I've got a little bit of a man crush on him," he said.

In psychological thriller Homeland, to be shown on Channel 4 later this month, Damian portrays Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who has returned home to the States after being released from his Iraqi prison, where he was held hostage for eight years.

His performance won him a Golden Globe nomination, although he lost out on the gong to Kelsey Grammer.

"They're meaningless," he joked about the awards.

Damian did enjoy reuniting with one of his Dreamcatcher co-stars at the ceremony though: "I did have a moment with Morgan Freeman, which was nice. We hugged."


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