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Danes: I could do with Carrie break

Claire Danes has hinted that she would like a break from playing Homeland's Carrie Mathison.

The US actress, who has won awards for her performance as the bipolar CIA intelligence officer in the political drama, said she is "ready" to tackle other characters.

"I've been producing people, and doing the show and being wifey, so my dance card has been full, but I'm ready to do another role now too. I love Carrie but we both could use a reprieve," she told Vogue.

Claire, who gave birth to son Cyrus in December 2012, said she and husband Hugh Dancy have adapted to parenthood.

"We're figuring it out as we go along, but so far we've been lucky," she said.

"My real anxiety was that I would never want to work again. Because it's so intoxicating, the bond is just so viscous. It's like superglue. One of the overarching themes of the show is loneliness and sacrifice. Carrie's isolation is being really, really stretched to its outer limits. She's very stranded in this season. And I am feeling very bonded right now.

"So there's a real dichotomy there. Carrie and her reality could not be more antithetical to burgeoning motherhood," the 34-year-old added.

Claire revealed she has been embroidering Babygros for fellow Homeland cast member Morena Baccarin's baby.

"It's as amusing as hell that I'm taking on terrorists and whatever tomfoolery I'm doing, and then I race back to my director's chair and start embroidering onesies as if my life depended on it," she said.


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