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Davenport: Great to play a Brit

Jack Davenport has confessed it is "a relief" to be playing a Brit in his new show.

The 39-year-old English actor stars as acerbic British stage director Derek Wills in US TV series Smash, which is about the staging of a musical about Marilyn Monroe.

He said: "That is a relief. I've played Americans in American shows and that's part of the reason I moved there, to get work, but it's great to play a Brit.

"Marilyn Monroe is a sacred cow and being British means I can get away with being a bit sarcastic and mean about it all."

The former This Life star admitted he's also pleased that, as a director rather than one of the cast members, his character isn't landed with his own song and dance numbers.

"That's never going to happen. I'm seriously tone deaf and my idea of hell is any kind of public singing, so it's ironic this is the kind of show I've ended up on," he said.

:: Smash begins on Sky Atlantic on Saturday, April 21.


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