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David Baddiel praised for The Trouble With Dad dementia documentary

David Baddiel has said he was "very, very touched" by the positive response to his documentary about dementia.

The comedian's programme about his father, The Trouble With Dad, aired on Channel 4 this evening and messages praising the "sensitive" and "brave" way it handled the subject soon flooded Twitter.

Baddiel, 52, tweeted his thanks to a viewer after the show aired, and added: "And to hundreds of others sending tweets like this.

"I am very, very touched by all you've said about our film. X."

Baddiel's father Colin, 82, suffers from Pick's disease - a rare type of dementia that can see sufferers become sexually uninhibited and prone to swearing and rude behaviour.

The film focused on the relationship between Baddiel and his brother Ivor and Colin, who is housebound and receives 24-hour care.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Wow hugely brave and touching and amazing insight. Thank you."

Another tweeted: "Awesome documentary. Informative and educating, an amazing man with incredible sons. You make these things easier to talk about."

Prior the show airing, Baddiel had told his 480,000 followers on Twitter that it was not a standard documentary about dementia.

"It's not bleak. Not tragic. And my dad, imho, is fucking hilarious," he said.

Many viewers said the emotional programme both made them smile and moved them to tears.

"Such a poignant and moving documentary. I have tears in my eyes but a smile on my face too," said one.

"Trouble with Dad was an amazing, heartfelt representation of dementia. I cried both happy and sad tears," tweeted another.


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