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David Bailey backs Brexit 40 years after urging voters to remain in Europe

David Bailey has revealed he wants Britain to leave the EU - more than 40 years after he featured on a celebrity-filled poster urging voters to stay in Europe.

The renowned photographer joined artist Henry Moore, author JB Priestley and actress Janet Suzman on a poster of famous faces urging the country to "join them" in "voting yes" for Europe.

But Bailey, 78, revealed to the Press Association that he has changed his mind and now wants Britain to leave the EU.

A spokeswoman for Britain's most famous photographer said: "Mr Bailey would like you to know that he is for leaving the EU in June - Out will have his vote."

The revelation comes a month after Dame Janet said she is still in favour of remaining in the EU and suggests those who once united in enthusiastically backing the Union are now divided.

Bailey, who has photographed everyone from the Queen to the Kray twins, rarely talks publicly about politics and has not commented before on the upcoming EU referendum.

Although in an interview with The New Statesman magazine in 2012 he revealed he had only ever voted once, for the Conservative Party, and he "hates" Tony Blair because of his alliance with George W Bush.

Bailey also revealed he liked George Osborne and Boris Johnson, Tory politicians on opposite sides of the referendum debate.

He told the magazine: "I like George Osborne. He came here a couple of times; he had a sense of humour. He seemed to make sense to me.

"And I like Boris, because he brings a sense of life to politicians: the most dreary people in the world - who wants the country to be run by them?

"So Boris is a breath of fresh air and an amusement. He's a bit of a joke, but he is a good joke."


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