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David Bowie: Celebrity Big Brother fan fury after argument erupts over Tiffany Pollard's confusion over death

US TV star thought fellow contestant David Gest had died

By Claire Cromie

The Celebrity Big Brother House descended into chaos and confusion after a row erupted after a contestant thought the "David" who had died was fellow housemate David Gest - rather than David Bowie.

Viewers of the Channel 5 show had already expressed outrage that Angie Bowie's reaction to the death of her ex-husband was broadcast on the reality TV show.

David Bowie died on Sunday night following a secret 18-month battle with cancer.

His ex-wife Angie broke down on Celebrity Big Brother on learning of his death.

Sitting in the Diary Room, an emotional Angie said: "I haven't seen him for so many years. I can't make a big drama out of it ... I just feel like an era has ended with his passing ... I'm so very sad."

Through tears she later added: "Stardust is gone."

The clip was aired on Monday night, but angry viewers criticised Channel 5 for using Angie's grief as a teaser for the next episode.

The couple split after 10 years and have one son, the successful film director Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, 44.

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But fans saw red as there was another Twitter storm on Tuesday night as the episode aired showing the house full of confusion as Angie confided in US TV star Tiffany Pollard about the who misheard her.

Wanting to keep the sad news quiet, Angie told the US TV star: "You’ve gotta do me a favour, you can’t say a word.

"David’s dead."

She thought Angie was talking about fellow housemate David Gest and began to scream as she thought he had died.

Pollard ran outside to tell her fellow housemates, who were stunned and upset - but when they went to check on Gest he was very much alive.

"She told me that David died," Pollard ranted.

"Why the f*** would she do that? She just told me that you were dead. That is so f***ing - ! Why the f*** would she do that to me?"

Danniella Westbrook went to tell Bowie that US producer Gest was actually asleep - and had not died of cancer - after which Angie Bowie clarified: " Not that David. My ex-husband."

As Pollard remained furious at having supposedly been misled, her fellow housemates turned against her and rallied around Bowie.

But later, she apologised, saying: "I'm very sorry for your loss, I really am."

Social media users reacted furiously to the episode branding it "disrespectful" and accusing the show of using Bowie's death to "make TV".

Angie has been in the house since January 5 and opted to stay in after learning of her former husband's death.

Talking to fellow house mates about her decision, she said: "I'd prefer to be here but I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

"If I don't leave I look callous. If I stay I look callous."

The 66-year-old former model had previously spoken about her ex-husband several times after entering the house and accused him of turning their son against her.

She said: "I don't see him (Duncan) at all. He doesn't like me. But my daughter loves me, so it's good."

On the question of why her son chose not to see her, she said: "I guess David told him not to."

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