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David Hasselhoff hails 'cool' Call Of Duty: Zombies game

David Hasselhoff in virtual form as a DJ in Call Of Duty: Zombies In Spaceland (Activision/PA)
David Hasselhoff in virtual form as a DJ in Call Of Duty: Zombies In Spaceland (Activision/PA)

David Hasselhoff says his character in the new Call Of Duty: Zombies video game is a combination of "everything David Hasselhoff has ever done", as he appeared at the Gamescom show in Germany.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star plays a theme park DJ in the 1980s-themed Zombies In Spaceland, the new version of Call Of Duty's popular zombie spin-off series, which will launch alongside Infinite Warfare, the central story, in November.

Infinite Warfare will see the series move into space for the first time, while Hasselhoff's zombie experience takes place in a demented theme park inspired by 80s films and TV, where his character offers advice to players as they go through the levels.

"The reason I loved doing Call Of Duty is they encouraged me to create the character. It wasn't just 'let's just hire David Hasselhoff and make him be a typical DJ'," the actor told the Press Association.

"I'm surprised they didn't throw in Baywatch. They've got Michael Knight in there, they've got the Knight Rider car, there's all the Hoffs.

"That, and the fact that it was fun. It wasn't just about killing, it was about killing zombies, and there's something about killing zombies that's really funny because they splatter everywhere, you know. Why can't zombies win at poker? Because they always throw in their hand. Zombies are stupidly funny."

He offered fans a glimpse of the wisdom his character will offer during the game.

"I have all the hidden clues. There's one really cool thing about the game - I can't really talk about it - but there's something really cool though," he said, before offering a teaser.

" All I'll say is, if you break the combination, something really cool happens to you and you will suddenly become probably the most famous kid on Earth. Immediately."

The trailer for the game was released during Gamescom, which is expected to see around 300,000 video games fans flock to Cologne's Koelnmesse centre to preview the latest titles, including Hasselhoff's Call Of Duty debut as well as the new Fifa game and Resident Evil VII.

"I'm really anxious to see more," Hasselholf said.

"I've only seen the trailer. I saw the rendering and I thought it looked too much like me, I wanted to airbrush out my lines but they wouldn't let me, so I'm looking forward to seeing more.

"I just think these guys know what they're doing. You know, the best part about Call Of Duty is it's like when you mention Knight Rider people freak out - you mention Call Of Duty and people freak out too. It's cool - I'm just happy to be in the game."

The actor and singer said the storytelling had also drawn him to the project.

"The reason I like the gaming thing is the crossover into stories and acting. I like that about this game. I hate movies that are just special effects and don't have a story. They lost me totally and there's so many films out there now that are just so over the top."


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