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David Hasselhoff: I want Anderson to rap

David Hasselhoff is trying to convince Pamela Anderson to rap on a record with him.

Actor-and-singer David starred alongside beautiful Pamela in hit US show Baywatch back in the 90s, which followed the life of a group of good looking Californian lifeguards.

The pair have remained good friends, and David admits he would love for Pamela to duet with him, as he believes the record would be a massive success. The blonde beauty isn’t too convinced of her singing abilities though, so David has advised her to rap instead.

“I asked Pamela to sing with me. I told her that if we did a single together it would be huge,” he told Star magazine.

“But she won’t do it because she says she can’t sing! And I just say, ‘Come on, just rap, all you got to do is just talk.’ I haven’t given up on her, The Hoff and Pamela would be hysterical.”

The 58-year-old actor revealed he used to have the hots for 43-year-old Pamela “100%” and thinks she had a crush on him too. David still believes they would make a good couple, and hasn’t given up on the chance of romance.

“Yes, I do think it was,” he responded when asked if he thought his feelings for Pamela were reciprocated.

“Well, we just never the timing was never right, but I think if the timing was right it would have been a nice combination,” he mused. “Yeah, life isn’t over,” he added, when his interviewer suggested there could still be hope.

David also claimed Hollywood beauty Anne Hathaway once tried her luck with him. David was coy about the alleged flirting though, and confessed it happened many years ago.

“Anne Hathaway hit on me once,” he said. “Yeah, but that was a long time ago.”

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