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David Morrissey: TV no longer dying

David Morrissey has said he's relieved to see that TV is no longer in the doldrums.

The actor, 50, is set to star in The Driver, a three-part BBC One drama, as a taxi driver who, frustrated with the monotony of life, accepts an offer to drive for a criminal gang.

And David, who won acclaim for his role as Gordon Brown in TV drama The Deal, said that the small screen was enjoying a golden age.

"I see it with my kids. They watch television in the same way that I used to listen to LPs," the Blackpool star said.

"They'll watch something again and again, until they can quote it. I used to go to my bedroom and listen to albums again and again, and that was my source of conversation for everybody.

"TV's in a really healthy place. A few years ago, we thought it was dying, so I'll be interested to see how that develops over the next decade."

:: The Driver is a three-part drama beginning on BBC One on Tuesday, September 23.


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