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David Walliams 'dislikes working alone'

TV star David Walliams says he doesn't like working on his own.

Walliams will be starring in BBC One's Agatha Christie drama adaptation titled Partners in Crime.

Set across six episodes, it will see the adventures of Christie's Tommy and Tuppence come to life.

Walliams told the Radio Times he's more of a collaborator when it comes to work.

"I don't particularly like working on my own," he explains, "I'm not a stand-up comedian, but I've worked with people who are great stand-ups, and you quickly realise that they're extremely self-sufficient - they don't really need you to be funny."

Starring alongside Walliams is actress Jessica Raine of Call the Midwife fame.

Raine has previously criticised the amount of violence towards female characters in crime dramas.

Talking about playing Tuppence alongside Walliams' Tommy, she said: "It's become a top priority for me to try only to accept parts where the woman is three-dimensional.

"It's easy to talk about 'strong female characters', but it's not about being strong, it's about being real, and with Tuppence, it was about being someone who is confident, front-footed, nosey and witty."


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