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Davies: Cuts may put show up Creek

Alan Davies has admitted he is worried that budget cuts could signal the end for his show Jonathan Creek.

The star of the magic-themed detective show has already taken a pay cut so he can carry on playing the character he loves, but said he feared the show may not be able to survive any more belt tightening.

He told The Sun: "The budgets on Creek are really squeezed. One of the films we made recently was set in a country house and (show creator) David Renwick had to write into the script that the house had been mothballed while a family was away overseas.

"That meant the design department didn't have to decorate any rooms. We could put sheets on furniture."

Alan explained other low-rent tricks to cut costs included filming in the dark.

"We do lots of scenes at night so it's in the dark and the viewer can't see we haven't had the money to dress it," he said.

Even Jonathan's famed windmill home has faced the chop since the BBC show's 90s heyday.

He said: "People say, 'Where is the windmill? Why doesn't he live in the windmill?' The character's life has changed, he's married and lives in a house now.

"But the fact is that when we did the show in the 1990s, we hired a windmill for a week, put sets on three different floors and created an iconic home for this character. It's the iconic image of the show, Creek in his windmill, the lonely, strange man.

"People loved it and it was a brilliant idea and the design department executed it excellently. But it's out of the question now to do that. We can't afford to do that and it does make a difference."


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