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Davies' daughter asks who Creek is

Alan Davies has said although his daughter is only four, she has already heard so much about Jonathan Creek that she has been asking who he is.

The comedian's TV crime-solving alter ego is mentioned so often at home that daughter Susie has started to think he is real.

Alan said: "She's heard the words 'Jonathan Creek' so many times that she's asked who Jonathan Creek is."

He added that she was equally confused by his comedy career: "'Daddy', she goes, 'What's stand-up?'. It's so peculiar and funny that she's heard that phrase, possibly from Katie (his wife) and I talking [about it].

"Even if you thought about it all day, you won't be able to find a way of explaining stand-up to a four-year-old."

Alan said that it could be tough juggling work and family life with daughter Susie and his two-year-old son Robert.

He said: "It's always the way with these things. You sit around for ages wondering what you'll do and then you think, 'Oh I'll do a stand-up tour', and then you get offered three programmes at once, all of which you want to do.

"It's nothing to complain about but it does make it a little harder to see the children, so I try very hard to balance it out. But the thing that actually gives way is your own life. Katie and I don't do anything or go anywhere, all our spare time is spent with the children."

:: Jonathan Creek returns to BBC One on Friday, February 28.


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