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Davina ditches 'comfy' underwear

Davina McCall has revealed she has had to spice up her love life with new sexy undies - after her husband moaned that her others were too grey and "comfy".

She admitted she was "offended" by TV host Matthew Robertson's comments at first - but then realised he was right.

The Big Brother presenter, 42, told Hello! magazine that she went to a lingerie website immediately to stock up on new gear.

She said of her Pet Rescue host spouse: "The other day he lodged a complaint that my underwear drawer had been taken over by neutral, comfy stuff that had somehow gone a bit grey, and he said 'Please will you buy some nice stuff?'"

As result she treated herself to a selection of "just sweet, happy colours" but avoided going "mega fancy".

Davina said: "Husband happy. And you know what? I wouldn't have done it if he hadn't complained. First of all I felt a bit offended, and then I thought 'You know what? He's right'."

He is not so attentive about her hairstyle, she revealed, having failed to spot a "radical" bob cut she had.

"I went home and said 'Darling, I've cut my hair', and he said 'Have you?'. Unless I went bleach-blonde, he wouldn't notice," Davina added.

The mother-of-three said she was sad about the imminent end of Big Brother, which winds down on Channel 4 this Friday after more than a decade. "I have been in denial about it. But last week I had my first misty-eyed moment during a script meeting. We had one of those appreciative moments when we told each other how great it has been. I told them I will really, really miss them all," she added.

:: The full interview is published in this week's edition of Hello! magazine.


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