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Deacon searching for Bafta date

Adam Deacon is still trying to find his date for the Baftas.

The Anuvahood star, who is vying for the Orange Rising Star award with Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Hemsworth and Chris O'Dowd, has yet to find the person who will accompany him to the star-studded ceremony on February 12.

"I don't have a girlfriend at the moment so there isn't a standard person to invite. But I don't want someone who will embarrass me," he said.

"I was thinking of my mum - I think she might like that but it might end up a bit embarrassing! I also need to work out what I'm wearing. I'm always leaving things to the last minute."

Adam is excited to attend the British version of the Oscars at London's Royal Opera House and meet the stars, and is keeping his hopes up about meeting a certain Bootylicious starlet.

"Beyonce has just had her baby so she wouldn't be there, but I'm a big fan of Beyonce. I think she is amazing," he continued.

"Just being around massive filmmakers and actors that you look up to is a lovely environment. I'm not one for getting too starstruck, but you kind of do when you meet Hollywood actors I used to watch. I remember when Noel Clarke told me that he met Angelina Jolie - he made it sound a bit surreal."

He added: "I can't wait! Whether I win or lose, it should be a good - and crazy - night."


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