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Decorators land major record deal

Doo-wop it yourself - a group of decorators is painting the town red after landing a major record deal.

Vocal quintet The Overtones are hoping for a brush with fame thanks to their five-album deal with Warner Music.

Frontman Timmy Matley, 28, said: "It's a dream come true."

The vintage music buffs - who specialise in doo-wop performances - have been concentrating on rollers rather than rock after forming their home decor firm.

They decided that working together would give them a chance to brush up their act while they made a living.

But now they hope to hang up their overalls on the back of the release of their debut album Good Ol' Fashioned Love, which is out in October.

They were spotted during a tea-break by a talent scout as they worked at an office near London's Oxford Street.

Matley, from Cork, and bandmates Mark Franks from Manchester, Lachie Chapman from Sydney, Mike Crawshaw from Bristol and Darren Everest from Essex release their album of new songs and classic covers on October 18. And a first single Gambling Man comes out a week earlier.

Falsetto Everest, 29, said: "We only started the painting and decorating as a way to make a bit of cash and have a chance to rehearse at the same time. We never dreamed that would be the way we would get spotted by a label." And Matley added: "We have gone from our painting rags to musical riches. One minute we are trying to make ends meet wallpapering, the next we are signing a multi-album record deal with Warner."

The deal for the decorators follows other record label contracts which have gone to nuns, Cornish fishermen and Chelsea pensioners.


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