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Delevingne wants to have curves

Cara Delevingne has revealed her insecurities about her body, saying that she'd like to carry a bit more weight.

The model told i-D magazine that her body was her biggest insecurity, according to the Daily Mail.

Asked what she was most insecure about, she said: "My body because I'd like to be curvier."

Cara also revealed the lengths she's go to in bagging a great acting role: "I'd shave all my hair off and my eyebrows, I'd gain weight, I would do anything, sky dive, jump off buildings, do my own stunts, I want to learn all there is to learn."

She has been linked with the Michael Winterbottom film inspired by Amanda Knox, Face Of An Angel, and said: " I'm always scared of the future, but Michael is an incredible director and I'm working with an incredible cast. With acting, you're essentially learning on the job."

Cara, who recently dated Harry Styles, talked about her frustration with appearing in the media.

"I tried to punch one [a member of the paparazzi] in the face the other day. I'm worried that I'm going to get into trouble one day," she admitted.

"The pictures never tell the whole story, they don't show the provocation from some of the paparazzi, and how some of them just want to provoke you in order to get their story."

Cara continued: "Everyone, including me, has off days. But I try my best to keep happy the way everyone around me does, and to keep up morale.

"Of course, I'm only human. I try and be real and keep my life real. I don't expect anyone to think I'm always perfect because I'm not. No one is."


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