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Depp wants to work with Paradis?

Johnny Depp has revealed he would like to make a movie with his ex Vanessa Paradis.

The Hollywood star split from the French singer and actress, the mother of his two children, last June after 14 years together.

But Johnny, who is now thought to be dating actress Amber Heard, told The Sun that he and Vanessa are still close enough that they could work together.

He said: "Vanessa is a good mother and a wonderful woman. There really are no hard feelings between us. We have remained very close and I hope to maybe be able to make a film with her one day. Why not?"

Speaking at the premiere of his new movie The Lone Ranger, Johnny also admitted that he has always felt as if he is "on the outskirts of society" and joked that his boots are his best friends.

"It's something I've felt since birth," said the 50-year-old. "At school I was never part of a clique or a group. I've never felt at ease anywhere - and it's got worse with age.

"My best friends are actually my boots. They go everywhere with me and give me a kind of balance."


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