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Dermot: I hope to be a dad soon

Dermot O'Leary has revealed he hopes to follow in Simon Cowell's footsteps and become a father soon.

The X Factor host has been married to Dee Koppang for two years and admitted to OK! magazine they are thinking of starting a family.

Dermot said: "I definitely won't be a father before Simon, unless there's a miracle on its way! But I hope sometime soon, yeah."

Speaking about married life the TV presenter revealed: "We worked out the other day we're not newlyweds any more. It's really sad. But I'm loving it, it's brilliant. It's like you're part of the best team in the world."

Dermot - who is doing a guest stint on This Morning with Holly Willoughby - also confessed he's not too keen on being described as the nicest guy on TV.

He said: "It's all a bit of nonsense. No one wants to be tagged as nice, but generally you just live and let live. You hope that people don't mistake kindness for weakness and for the most part they don't.

"You've got to be determined, hard-working and lucky. Those are the three. Ruthless isn't a nice word."


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