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Derry Girls star shares hilarious pic of first meeting with Toto the dog

Channel 4's hit series Derry Girls introduced a new character on Thursday night - and it would appear the canine addition was not for taking any nonsense on set.

The third episode of Lisa McGee's series set amongst the backdrop of the Troubles in 1990s Derry saw the four girls - plus the "wee English fella" - in hot pursuit of a dog that resembled Erin's recently deceased pet Toto.

High jinx followed as the dog led them to a church, which led them to witnessing a statue of Mary supposedly crying, and as a result they met the dashing Father Peter.

It was another hilarious episode with great one-liners and 90s nostalgia - but as actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays panic stricken Claire, revealed - her first meeting with the dog was not all that great.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Ok, to celebrate episode 3 of #DerryGirls I've decided to share with you the greatest picture of me that’s ever been taken.

"AKA: The day I met a cute dog on set and it instantly went very wrong."

Meanwhile, fans of the show were shocked to find out that while Nicola is playing a 16-year-old school girl on the show, in real life she has just celebrated her 31st birthday.

Originally From Galway, Nicola is the oldest of the five teenage characters.

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