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Dexter says goodbye at Comic-Con

Dexter's Michael C Hall has bid farewell to the show at Comic-Con.

The award-winning TV series about a serial killer is coming to an end after its current eighth series and the stars said goodbye to fans at a panel discussion at Comic-Con, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a video shown to the crowd, Michael and co-star Jennifer Carpenter said that "everything is a series of lasts" and that they are "going out the way we want to go out".

But Michael - who has portrayed blood spatter analyst and secret serial killer Dexter Morgan since the show began in 2006 - revealed it hasn't hit him that the show is really over. He said that while he's aware that they have wrapped the finale, "our bodies, five months from now, will start knocking at the door wondering why we're not doing Dexter again".

He went on: "There's some unconscious part of us that hasn't accepted or recognised it yet. Five or six months from now, there will be some wave of something we'll all experience."

To help celebrate, some of Dexter's previous stars were brought back, including Erik King and Julie Benz.

John Lithgow, who played another serial killer in several episodes, joked during a taped segment: "I wish I could be with you all today but as you know, I'm dead ... Not a day goes by where someone doesn't recognise me as a psychopath, I thank you for that."

The cast also revealed which items from the show they had kept, with Michael saying he took Dexter's watch and lanyard, and Jennifer keeping some of the blood splatter paintings.

Michael was asked about rumours of a spin-off, with a fan suggesting it could be based on Dexter's young son Harrison. "In 25 years there's going to be a new series called Harrison, and Dexter will have died and I'm going to be his dead, internalised father," he said.

The eighth series of Dexter airs on Fox in the UK.


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