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Dexter star got swearing 'in check'

Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter has admitted she started swearing more in real-life because she was playing a foul-mouthed character.

The actress stars as crime-buster Debra Morgan, the sister of serial killer Dexter, in the TV show and her on-screen alter-ego regularly uses bad language.

Asked if she ever gets embarrassed by some of the things she has to say, Jennifer said: "Certainly not as Debra, but in my life when I catch myself cursing it's kind of embarrassing. That's not who I want to be.

"I adopted it during the first season out of habit, but my father pointed it out and I was embarrassed so I got that in check."

The 33-year-old, who has been starring on the hit show since 2006, also revealed she doesn't ever get squeamish during some of the gorier scenes.

"I guess I'm kind of immune to them because we are around them for 16 hours a day, whereas audiences are only really experiencing them for a minute or two. They're a little tamer in person," she said.

:: Jennifer Carpenter stars in the sixth season of Dexter, which starts on FX on Friday, March 30.


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