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Diaz: Botox made my face look weird

Cameron Diaz has admitted that she has tried Botox in the past, but she wasn't a fan because it made her face look weird.

The Counsellor actress, who is promoting her new Body Book, said she was happy to age gracefully rather than try to hold back the years through cosmetic procedures.

According to the Daily Mail, she told Entertainment Tonight: "I've tried [Botox] before, where it was like [a] little tiny touch of something. It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, 'No, I don't want to [be] like [that].' I'd rather see my face ageing than a face that doesn't belong to me at all."

Of her wrinkles, she said: "I love [them,] I don't mind. It's like, 'Guess what this means, I've smiled my whole life.' I love life, I'm happy I don't have a problem with that."

The 41-year-old also said she had turned her diet around to combat her bad skin.

She told People: "I still splurge on french fries. Discipline is not deprivation. I used to live on processed fast food. I drank a ton of soda and ate greasy, cheesy foods constantly. I'd eat until I hurt myself! I would literally be lying there going, 'Why did I do that?'

"If you understand how your body works you can make the right choices. I used to have bad acne and little white bumps. I cut out dairy and my skin changed completely."

She added about working out: "I'll get back to it. At least when I'm working, I'm being physical all day. Acting's a very physical job."

Cameron said of the ageing process: "I love getting older. It's a part of life. If you're not ageing, you're dead!"


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