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Dietrich wig goes under the hammer

A wig belonging to Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich is being auctioned next week.

The ash blonde hairpiece with Alice band and securing comb is set to fetch between £200 and £300.

The German star, who died aged 90 in 1992, gave it to Daniel Gee while he was working as a 17-year-old telegram boy in 1972.

Mr Gee delivered telegrams to Dietrich at an apartment in London's West End where she was appearing in a solo show at the Queen's Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue.

He recalled: "She got so many telegrams, we would wait until we had a few for her before delivering them.

"On one such occasion, I also had to deliver a package for her, which turned out to be a hairpiece she had sent away to be repaired.

"She opened the box in front of me, tried it on, but something was wrong with it, and after a good slurp of Scotch, she said a few words in German and then gave it to me, saying I would have to promise to always remember her.

"Her maid said I'd better take it or she will burn it or throw it away. Even though she was in her early 70s then, she took a bit of a shine to me and also gave me a signed photograph."

The hairpiece, along with the signed photo from Dietrich, is being sold at Catherine Southon Auctioneers at Farleigh Court Golf Club, Surrey, on July 8.

Ms Southon said: "It is one of those rare moments when you get shown something you really wouldn't expect.

"We often see signed photographs of stars and, of course, Marlene Dietrich is one of the great Hollywood stars, but the hairpiece is just so unusual and personal."


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