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Dixon: Matt will make great Robbie

Alesha Dixon has revealed she'd love to see Matt Johnson perform as Robbie Williams on Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The Britain's Got Talent judge thinks the Welsh TV presenter has a really great voice, and she'd like to see him get an artist that will really showcase his talent in the contest where celebrities must perform as a famous musician picked at random every week.

Alesha said: "I'd like to see Matt Johnson do Robbie Williams. Matt Johnson has actually got a really good voice, but because he did Jon Bon Jovi, which is more rocky and he did Taylor Swift, we haven't seen his full potential.

"But he has a great voice and he just needs a song to show that off."

The singer insisted she liked seeing the comedy performances, as well as the more serious ones.

She said: "I like both. With Matt I was interested to see how he would cope with that challenge and the irony of him being Taylor Swift was just bonkers to me. But at the same time I liked seeing Natalie Anderson do Britney Spears and Denise Lewis do Tina Turner, because then you get to really see what they can do. So both are good."

But Alesha said she still couldn't call who will win the series.

She said: "It really depends on who they are, luck of the draw I guess. And you don't know which way the public will vote.

"But I think at this point all of them win, so each week they all get money for their charity. So nobody walks away without having contributed to the charity that they are fighting for."

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