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Dixon's taken on Cowell impatience

Alesha Dixon has admitted she has become less patient with Britain's Got Talent contestants this year - and it may have something to do with Simon Cowell's influence.

The ITV talent show judge, who is back on the panel with Simon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams, said she got frustrated waiting for a good act to audition and was more likely to press her buzzer early to vote off shoddy acts in this series.

She said: "I'm not as patient this year when it comes to finding talent, so rather than question my instincts on something I just go with it.

"The reality is to find somebody amazing, you have to go through a lot of bad acts and you do get frustrated when you're sitting there because you just want somebody amazing to come out.

"You do get annoyed so I press the buzzer. I love it, that's part of it, the audience love it. Sometimes the audience are screaming at us, 'Press the buzzer!'."

Asked if her new attitude came of spending too much time with Simon, Alesha said: "I admire Simon's technique and the way he judges, he's very honest that's why the public fell in love with him in the first place.

"He doesn't mince his words and I think we could all learn some of that."

This year, for the first time each judge was given a Golden Buzzer to vote an act they loved straight through to the live shows, but Alesha's fellow judge Amanda said she didn't feel jealous of any of her fellow judges' choices.

She explained: "I honestly think my act's going to win the whole thing. David can't even remember who he pressed the buzzer for, so there's no jealousy there. Alesha's done a good choice and Simon's done a really good choice.

"I don't think there was jealousy but I think it really shows you personalities, because each buzzer has defined our personality to a T."

Britain's Got Talent is back tonight (April 12) at 7.15pm on ITV.


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