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Dobrev: I have best of both worlds

Nina Dobrev has revealed she likes playing both Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries.

The 24-year-old - who portrays both human Elena and her doppelganger, former vampire Katherine, in the supernatural drama - said she gets the "best of both worlds".

"I definitely enjoy playing both because there is never a dull day. I get to be the bad girl and I get to be the good girl. I get to do flashbacks and bite people, I get to have scenes with Paul (Wesley), Ian (Somerhalder) and Joseph (Morgan). Both characters are so much fun, so it's awesome," she said.

"I have actually learned and discovered a lot about myself playing these two characters: they bring out different parts of me and I have to go to different places. I can relate to both of them in many ways and in many ways not. I'm learning a lot from them and I'm learning from their mistakes as well. It's just made me more confident and OK with myself. And I can walk in heels really well."

But Nina - who has ended her real-life romance with co-star Ian - revealed she would love to step into Joseph's shoes to play villain Klaus.

"In a fantastical world I would want to be Klaus," she admitted.

"I know I'm a girl and I know that doesn't make sense, but the biggest, baddest vampire of all time before he came along was Katherine so that would be fun to be a 'wampire', a werewolf meets a vampire."

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