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Donald Trump can teach me things about showmanship, says Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has admitted he could learn a thing or two about showmanship from Donald Trump.

The singer said Trump's strategy of repetition is particularly effective and joked that he would try to emulate it.

Riffing on some of the presidential candidate's more famous quotes at a press conference to promote a European stadium tour for his album Heavy Entertainment Show, Williams said: "I think he's got something that I could take from his performance.

"If you say things enough it becomes true.

"This tour is going to be huge, my temperament is incredible, nobody has got an entertaining temperament like me and nobody respects women more than I do.

"Which you shall see from my two-hour performance each evening when I shall be respecting women then, nobody does that like me.

"Nobody sings Let Me Entertain You or Angels like me."

He added: "He's a great showman, and he sells it really well. If you say it, I think 12 times, loud enough and confidently enough, it becomes the truth so I'm the best entertainer on the planet. There is one, I will say it 12 times over the next 24 hours and it will become true."

Williams' tour begins at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on June 2 2017.


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