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Douglas's 'crash course' in cancer

Michael Douglas is looking forward to celebrating 10 years of marriage with Catherine Zeta Jones.

The Hollywood star, 65, who is battling cancer, wants to be back in good health when the couple's anniversary date arrives in November.

He said, reported The Daily Mirror: "Time goes so fast. But I'm really looking forward to our anniversary and I'll be back in good health so we can really enjoy it - although we haven't decided what we are going to do."

The actor said: "(Our marriage) is a great legacy and because of my health issues it's having added importance. I'm going to really savour the moments and savour the time because it goes so fast."

Speaking before the world premiere of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, he said: "I'd like to be able to enjoy this premiere a little more than I am now."

He said: "Chemotherapy takes its toll, the more you keep doing it you lose your energy and it gets more difficult to swallow. I'm having a crash course education in just how nasty these cancer cells can be."


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