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Dowling hopes for 'more glam' BB

Brian Dowling has revealed he thinks viewers would get bored if the new series of Big Brother is anything like the series he was in.

Brian, who is hosting the new series on Channel 5, beat Helen Adams to become Big Brother's second ever winner in 2001.

He said: "I think if we put my show on now, people would be bored. It needs to be more glamorous, push boundaries and have that polished, produced, almost American look to it, where it's reality, but almost assisted reality."

Now it's on a new channel it seems likely that Big Brother, which kicks off with a celebrity version for the first three weeks before opening the doors to "normal" housemates, will be in for a makeover.

But Brian wouldn't give away any details, saying: "They have to make it their own, so it will look amazing to watch. It'll be a bit sassier than Channel 4 to attract a new, younger audience and I think they will be braver with the show - as long as no one has sex on television!"

He adds: "I can't imagine interviewing someone who just had sex on national TV - how can you not judge someone who's done that?!"


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