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Downton Abbey goods to go on sale

Downton Abbey is set to launch a merchandise range that could see fans of the show filling their Christmas stockings with Downton candles, wine and nail polish.

The hit ITV series will get Downton-branded products that include homeware, clothes, beauty products, and even a board game.

Marks and Spencer will launch a Downton Abbey beauty line in the autumn, including soap, nail polish, lip gloss, lotion and scented candles packaged with quotations from the series, including the advice offered by Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess of Grantham in the first episode: "No one wants to kiss a girl in black."

Mylands, the paint company that supplies the show with historically accurate pigments, recently began selling two of its Downton paints to the public - Amber Gray, the colour of the downstairs kitchen, and Empire Gray, from the butler's pantry.

In the US and Canada a jewellery range and Christmas ornaments will launch later in the year, there's a possibility of a range of dolls and a Californian wine company is making a Downton Abbey French claret.

Downton co-creator Gareth Neame said: "We haven't rushed into it. We don't want to carpet bomb the retail sector.

"I don't have a nervous attitude about the idea of merchandising. When a show is this global and this loved, I don't see any problem with offering products to hardened fans who want to extend their relationship with the show that they love.

"We are businesspeople. We are running a business, which is to create intellectual property and to monetise it. We sell as many DVDs as we can, and we sell the show in as many countries as we can, and you know what, by doing that we get the money on the screen and it allows me to finance other shows that we want to make and employ people. So I'm not coy about the merchandising and its purpose."


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