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Downton's Patmore fights technology

Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol has revealed cook Mrs Patmore fears technology because she i s worried the kitchen won't need her any more.

The actress stars as the Downton cook, who doesn't see all the modern electrical gadgets being invented in the 20s - such as the electric whisk - as making her job easier, but thinks they'll put her out of a job instead.

Lesley revealed: "That's one of the key issues for me is the terror of modern technology, because she thinks she's going to get usurped!"

Many of the stars of the show were partying in Hollywood this week, where they attended the Emmy Awards

Creator Julian Fellowes revealed he thinks one of the reasons the show is such a success is because the cast and crew get on so well.

He said: "I think we're a happy show really, not every show is, so that's a plus."

Of the new series he said: "There's no secret, but a lot of the show has this dynamic of the recovery of Mary, and that is the through line of the fourth series. Michelle [Dockery] is wonderful in it, and I think it works well, if I'm allowed to say that!"

But Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham, has promised the mood of the series will pick up as Mary recovers from the grief of husband Matthew dying.

He said: "The tone of the whole series picks up as we get into the jazz age and there's lots of fun along the way, and lots of gorgeous men queuing up for Lady Mary and me doing a lot of patting of my dog - the usual!"


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