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Dr Trueman gains final redemption?

Tristan Gemmill has hinted his Casualty character Dr Adam Trueman is set to mend his reckless ways.

The 44-year-old actor has been in the BBC medical drama since 2007 but his final scenes air on Saturday August 6, after the troubled doctor gets a chance at redemption.

Tristan said: "Just as you're thinking, 'Is he going to be sacked? Is he going to resign?' a major incident occurs and everything is put on hold. That gives Adam a chance, at least temporarily, at redemption."

Dr Trueman has been acting dangerously at work following a series of traumatic events in his personal life, including the death of his son and the breakdown of his marriage.

He said: "I thought, 'How much more disaster can he cope with? How much more heartbreak can you throw at a character, without it being a bit less believable?'"

The normally competent doctor has overstepped the line several times in recent months, playing God instead of following procedure.

Tristan said: "Ethically, these are super-dodgy things he's doing. I think, after all that's happened to him, he's lost faith in his fellow man, and decided only his judgement is worth taking on board. And that gets him into very deep water."

But the actor is hoping things will change for the best for his character when he leaves Holby.

He said: "This is pure speculation, but after coming so close to ending his career by being rampantly irresponsible, I'd like to think he goes to do something a bit more humanitarian. That he's gone to Africa, met some glamorous French doctor and they're living happy together somewhere."

:: Tristan Gemmill bows out of Casualty on BBC One on Saturday, August 6


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