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Dr Who: Even the Daleks saw Peter Capaldi coming...

By Shane Donaghey

PETER Capaldi was unveiled on BBC1 as the new Dr Who after the most desperate operation in airtime-filling since Sky News camped out at the Lindo Wing.

To be fair to last night's Zoe Ball-fronted show, guest Peter Davison was a doctor, Bernard Cribbens is associated with the mythos since the Pope was an altar boy and space-time big brain Stephen Hawking was a no-brainer. But the others...?

Capaldi is a choice not even Joe Brolly could find fault with.

The Scot (55) is a life-long fan, who appeared on the show and its spin-off, Torchwood.

He's also of course played crazed foul-mouthed PR Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It. Do NOT mix his previous DVDs up with his future Dr Who ones or you'll traumatise the kids.

Tucker would stare down Who's notorious weeping angels, headbutt a cyberman or play the bagpipes to the Daleks.

Capaldi has the resting facial expression of a man spending two hours listening to an Assembly debate about sewage infrastructure in Ahoghill.

Well into his 50s, his doctor will be more world-weary than the universe-is-my-oyster optimism of youth from immediate predecessors Matt Smith and David Tennant.

With showrunner Stephen Moffat, expect more of the cat's cradle labrynthine plotting at the expense of everything else.

Newer, scarier monsters would be great too, although I like the new Daleks. It's as if Davros outsourced to Apple.

And at least Danny Dyer wasn't in the running.

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