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Drag queen impersonator leaves Adele starstruck after onstage turn

Singer Adele was left starstruck when she pulled a drag queen impersonator onstage with her and handed over the microphone.

Dressed in a black sequinned gown, DJ Feminem joined the singer at her Tuesday night concert in Perth, Australia, and told her: "I impersonate you professionally."

Adele looked stunned as she simply responded: "Shut up!"

Fans in the 65,000 audience filmed the impersonator belt out some lines from Adele's hit Rumour Has It as the singer clapped and danced along, then asked for a selfie.

She joked: "You look better than me, that's not allowed."

@DayOneAdeleFans posted a clip on Twitter with the caption: "Adele shares a moment in Domain Stadium with Perth drag impersonator DJ Feminem. @djfeminem VC: JL Cover #AdeleLive2017."

DJ Feminiem shared the image on Instagram and later told Australian radio station 6PR: "I kind of caught her eye in the first 15 minutes of the show and she gave me a bit of a wink and a wave and I was just having fun.

"And then when she came further and was walking down the catwalk, she circled the stage she stopped and she said 'I want to meet you', and security did the rest."

On Monday, Adele posted a time lapse video of Perth's Domain Stadium being set up for her show.

She was filmed during the concert saying: "This is my first every stadium tour and I will never, ever forget this."


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