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Drew Barrymore: ‘It has been a really hard year’

The actress star advises fans not to eat while watching her hit new show.

Drew Barrymore is glad she's a year out from her marriage split because the last 12 months have been hell.

The Santa Clarita Diet star separated from her husband Will Kopelman in April, 2016, and she is still dealing with the aftermath of the break-up.

"We're all going through so much," she tells PopSugar. "It’s blessings; it's lessons; it's hardship; it's life."

But the ever-optimistic star is hoping the worst is behind her: "I always want to gravitate towards light," she explains. "I love picking yourself up or surviving or being grateful for the good stuff and not getting lost in the tough stuff. The discipline is so natural for me."

Drew insists she’s no different from anyone else going through tough times and pretending life isn’t as hard as it really is: “It was a really hard year, actually. I tried to put on a brave face. Happiness takes work. It doesn't always fall off trees or come easily."

She smiles and continues, “You really have to be someone that doesn't fall prey to being sad. I don't want sad, I can't be sad, I don't want to be about sad; I avoid sad. It inherently envelops you, so do everything that you can to escape it all the time.”

Meanwhile, Drew is tasting TV success with her hit new Netflix show The Santa Clarita Diet, in which she plays a flesh-eating zombie, and she has some tips for fans so they can avoid a common side-effect of watching the series: throwing up in disgust over some of the more gory scenes.

"Victor (Fresco), the creator, came up with all this crazy s**t that I'm totally into, and we don't think it's that gross or gory," she chuckles. "I'm like, 'Is something wrong with us, Victor? Seriously'. People are losing their lunch (throwing up). I would suggest not eating while you watch the show!"

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