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Dudgeon worried about Murders role

Neil Dudgeon has admitted he worried that viewers might desert Midsomer Murders when he took over the lead role from John Nettles.

The actor, 51, was first introduced to the Midsomer Murders viewers in 2010 and then took over as lead when John decided to bow out of the show last year.

He said his main concern was that "everyone would stop watching" or viewers would decide "we only like John Nettles".

"It would have been the end of my career but fortunately that wasn't the case," he said.

"I've been acting for 25 years and I've always been a fan of the series," Neil added.

"The show is essentially still the same - the crazy characters, the pretty locations ...all the essential things are still there."

Neil's now preparing to film four episodes over the summer that will be shown later this year.

"It's ongoing. I'm not thinking about packing the show in. My voluntarily ending is a long way off," he said. "John did it for 13 years, so I'm very happy to carry on."

:: A new Midsomer Murders episode, Murder Of Innocence, is on ITV1 on Wednesday, March 21


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