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Duke shares 'Prince of Darkness' nickname with TV electrician

The Duke of Cambridge has revealed that he shares a nickname with a fun-loving TV electrician who is known as the team clown.

William smiled as he said that he and Billy Byrne, an electrician on BBC One's DIY SOS, are both called "The Prince of Darkness".

William and his brother Prince Harry were visiting a project, run by the show, to build a community for war veterans. Many of them have been injured and need to retrain.

Byrne had kicked off the visit by calling Harry "sausage".

The royals, who were wearing hard hats and high-visibility jackets, are both former servicemen. They are seen joking and teasing with the TV builders and talking to the veterans on site.

Harry tells one of the builders: "What is there - 620,000 homes, someone told me, that are empty around the UK and we have a housing issue anyway. People need to start come together and say 'right what can we actually do?' "

William suggested that such a project would be much-valued by the veterans, telling another builder: "It is very hard if the services are not there. They are not the kind of guys who will go and complain about it.

"They suck it up and they get on with it and they deal with it. They are the most modest, upstanding people you would ever want to meet."

William is also seen painting a wall and then telling the programme's long-time presenter Nick Knowles that this "this must be the first time you have done this". William jokes that his efforts are "perfect" while the presenter's are "full of holes".


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