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Duncan hits back at Twitter trolls

Duncan James has hit out at Twitter trolls who threatened to attack his mum.

The Blue singer and his bandmate Antony Costa were both targeted by trolls on the social networking site and joined a Daily Mirror campaign to tackle online bullying.

Of the tweets about his mum, Duncan said: "It was vile, so graphic you couldn't print the exact wording. This sick person said he wanted to 'burn her to cinders' and then rape her. There were more threats to mum in other tweets.

"One said, 'I know where you live and I'm going to put a bomb outside your house.' He gave the precise time this bomb was going to go off - 10.47pm."

The message about the bomb has led police to believe the same troll might be targeting other well known people as a threat for the exact same timing was tweeted to Coleen Nolan, Mary Beard and female journalists on other occasions.

Duncan, 35, said: "Imagine reading that about your mum when you are hundreds of miles away. I was scared but also very, very angry."

The singer called his manager who used to be in the police and discovered Antony's sister and mum had also been targeted for abuse.

He said: "Antony and I are in the public eye and we've grown tough skins over the years. But it's totally unacceptable to start threatening mothers or sisters - and this form of trolling does seem to be aimed more at women - with threats of sexual violence.

"Mum was very brave but it did shake her. It's outrageous this troll is able to hide behind a fake profile and write threats against my mum just because he's seen me on TV."


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